Thursday, September 24, 2015

AUTUMN----be a LIGHT in the days of growing darkness

A beautiful summer leaves us RECHARGED and ready to get to work......
Thank you to everyone that was involved in the benefit at RT Quinlan's earlier this month- the musicians, dancers, and PLH supporters! It was an incredibly fun night, to say the least.

We are officially a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!!! Of course we still have a LOT of work to do on that level....and a LOT of funds to raise for our works in progress.....oh do we have PLANS!!

We are helping build an OR at Dr. Bordes' clinic in Canaan--- an OR will allow him to perform lifesaving C-SECTIONS!!! Surgery is not an option for 99% of the women in this area.
Dr. Mark will be heading to Canaan in October to run clinic and help plan how this lil OR can help the largest number of those in need.

Another upcoming trip is our annual fall medical mission to LACOMA!!!
The small yet mighty team of Tricia,  Julie,  Les, & Kervens will be heading up the dusty trail to support our farming friends of the nord ouest.
May seems like forever ago--- and May was the last time any team was there.
Sagebrush Church has a group going there in less than a month- whew! 4 months is a looong time without support1!!  We are so THANKFUL for their faithfulness.

So many people in Lacoma come to us for their chronic health conditions~ we are their primary care providers.  GERD, hypertension, myopia, malnutrition, parasites, and back pain lead the list with many URI infections too- and don't forget way too many cases of typhoid, malaria, STDs and good old-fashioned gastroenteritis.   Diarrhea is still the number one killer in areas such as Lacoma. Imagine if your neighbor dying of diarrhea was as commonplace as the change from summer to fall.

THANK YOU to everyone for all your years of coming along with us to help!!!
Even if we aren't all together physically we KNOW you are with us!!!

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