Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall trip in progress...... and some not good news from the NW

Day 2 of clinic today for Drs Mark and Greg! (And Bourdes too of course)!
They were busy!
They referred to the day as "malaria and parasite day" and presently they are bringing a woman to a better equipped facility as her labor isn't progressing........ someday there will be a OR right in Canaan and the OB docs will be able to perform C-sections right there and then.
Never give up hope!  Keep trying!!! Spreading love all around the town......

We are very upset with an urgent report from Lacoma today-- there is a cholera outbreak.
We are scrambling to get going ASAP and we need a lot of supplies for IVs and a lot of IV fluids and the truck for more days and more $ for gas and and and..... stay tuned.
Keep praying and send a lot of extra love to our friends in NW Haiti~~~

 This lil pumpkin was born at 27 weeks! She is 4 weeks old today... AMAZING!!!

Dr Mason, Dr. Bordes, & Dr Widstrom--- twa bien Dokte!

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  1. do you have another gofundme? or can I give money to the old one? Do you need supplies sent??