Monday, June 8, 2015

LACOMA MAY 2015---- Patient population EXPLOSION!

We had a great trip to Lacoma!
I will start with the best news ever~~
we got a phone call Saturday morning from Lacoma and the big news was it had RAINED ALL NIGHT!!!
It hasn't rained for more than an hour in this area in the past 2 years and FINALLY they got some relief! 
The NW was as brown and dusty as we had ever seen it...... not too many things to eat when you have no rain.......

We had soooo many patients each day!!! Even market day!!! 
We saw more than 140 patients each day in clinic and the dentist, Dr Aquis, saw at least 60 each day....... whoaaaaa were we scrambling! 

 It is so fun to be a part of this community- we have so many return patients and watching the kids and families grow is a joy. 

We had many cases of typhoid this trip again, we ran out of tests.  Before they ran out 100% of them turned out positive. Hurray for antibiotics! Thanks to all that donated to the Hermantown Middle school!  Also many many thanks to all that donated to our truck fund-- we only had 2 flat tires the whole trip!!!! Thank you everyone for your bales of love and support over all these years!!!!

 And of course we ran out of medications a day early....
 but that was ok because that gave us time to drive home along the coast~ so beautiful and restorative, albeit a bit rough.  To start with the dried out farms of Lacoma and move along to the salt flats and rice fields,  and the fishing villages and the big urban city all in one loooooong day.

Driving home down the coast

Last breakfast before we had to leave for Port au Prince!
MMmmm plantains and pikles and eggs!!!
Yummmmy beets and cabrit! A feast!!!

Better than the IPhone 6-- the Jesus Celphone!