Saturday, March 17, 2012


Oh my, how time flies!!!

Yes, we are preparing to return to Haiti for a 2 week medical mission up to the NorthWest----
we are in desperate need of old cell phones and prescription glasses of any type, and "cheater" type glasses that you can just buy at the dollar store even!!!

We are excited to have a team of 4 going for both weeks!!!
Welcome Evangel Lander and Leslie McAuley officially to the team! Actually we have worked with both of these fine medical peeps several times throughout our journeys south, but this time we will all be peaceloveHaiti.  Also Tricia and Julie of course.  We have our medications and supplies on order (big thanks to Essentia Health).

The plan is to head up to Lacoma again and run the little country clinic there and live in the luxurious (toilets!!!) team house- but we never really know what will happen until it happens--- we are just so blessed to be able to return again and help whomever however we can.

I wish I could post some photos here for you, but due to a pathetic computer event it will have to wait.

WE STILL NEED A LAPTOP FOR THIS TRIP if you have one lying around that you arent using!

Please take the time to help someone today--- it doesn't have to be a big deal, just hold a door or let someone that needs some cheer know that you care about them...........

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