Friday, January 13, 2012

Not much sleep last night- my mind floated back two years and my thoughts were 100% Haiti. I could just imagine what was happening in Port au Prince and the surrounding area after the earthquake-- a night so dark.  A night filled with the unknown horrors of darkness and all the louds of pain and fear-- the crying out of people injured and trapped beneath so many pounds of concrete, unable to see anything, with only their faith to carry them through.
I can imagine as the sun starts to rise-as it did every day before and does every day after- but that sunrise finally came and illuminated the destruction- confirming the sounds with sights so many wished they never saw. Survivors worked feverishly- often without any tools but their hands- to free those still trapped. Injured people struggled to find medical help in an area that was dreadfully lacking in care long before this tragedy occurred.

A very strong woman that we met on our first trip to Haiti (she was a surviver, a teacher that volunteered at the crisis relief center we stayed at postquake) shared her experience with us- what she had gone through that night 2 years ago. She told us of the absolute darkness. She told us of how the survivors joined voices and sang together-how their faith got them through the first hours when no one could know what would become of them and powerful aftershocks came in waves-

M-ap louwe-w avek tout vi-m.

M-ap chante pou ou avek tout ke-m.
Wi, mwen kwe nan ou--Ou se esperans mwen.
Ou se Bondye fidel-e kreyate.

... Bondye-w fidel! Bondye-w fidel!
Ou leve-m anle--se ou-k pote fado-m yo.
Ou banm la vi--ou seche dlo nan je mwen.
Ou toujou pre--ou se Bondye fidel.

(I will praise You with all of my life. I will sing for You with all of my heart.
Yes, I believe in You-You are my hope. You are the faithful God-and the Creator.
God, You are faithful! God, You are faithful!
You lift me up-it's You who carries my burdens. You give me life-
You dry the tears from my eyes. You are always near-You are the faithful God.)

This example of strength during the hardest times imaginable may be why Haiti grabs your heart so completely and doesn't let go. We consider it an honor and a privledge to continue to help the Haitian people through our medical missions. Our perspective on the world has changed since we first set foot in Haiti-we have grown to love others in an open hearted way, and have found strength that we didn't know was possible. We have chosen our path- a path of joy even during times of tremendous sadness; a path free of judgement and rich in kindness.  Thanks Haiti.

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  1. wow, this song is sung on my phone prayer conference (tw ministries) every night as part of its 40 days of prayer in 2013 that centers around celebrating God's faithfulness.

    your story does a wonderful job of illustrating that when we hit rock bottom, face obstacles and uncertainties, our faith in God is what carries us through.

    very touching reflection. i stumbled on your blog by accident, but i think i'll stick around a bit if you don't mind.