Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We are here- our 5th mission to Haiti.....we are pro's by now OR we think we are.  I don't think anyone can be a pro in a third world country but it is nice to be somewhat familiar with the smells, sounds, beeping horns, blasting music, goats, dogs, chickens and you name it running around everywhere.

We met up with Evangel and Les in Miami.....it is so nice to have a hefty team!  We made it to Port Au Prince late afternoon with 8 large suitcases (thanks to all for the donations), 5 ginormous backpacks and one little Fernando.... (congrats Evangel and Scott who just found they are expecting).

Tonight we are staying over night in PAP - too late to head up north. We were under the impression we were going to fly up to Port Au Paix but just found out we get to take a 5-6 hour drive in the "Patrick" bus.  I was hoping we could get the Princess bus (we do have a picture of this bus in the blog)....maybe next time. Julie Louise "sighs"

 Funny that ALL four of us called dibs to drive on top of the bus all at the same time.  Fresh air, the scenery....we see the Haitian people ride on top all the time.  We were reminded by our Haitian friend Wilson just how dusty that ride would be, and the potholes could throw us off.....so I guess we will be IN the bus, all four of us....in the sweltering heat.

I guess I have to look at the bright side of riding the bus versus Les driving his truck.... Les can't pick up another goat or other wild animal and tie it down in the back of his truck and have me sit in back with Louise (the goat) for 8 hours talking to her, petting her getting her through the trauma of the long ride.....haha.
Riding the bus and not bringing our own vehicle might be a good thing...... huh

  We  do believe we will be staying in La Coma (Northwest Haiti), and working clinic just like we have the last 2 missions....unless we are needed somewhere else.  I guess we will not know  until we get where ever we are going.

We are all excited about what this journey will bring. Thank you friends for all the help you have given us so we can help the Haitian people! Today, being back we are reminded that this is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere......and it only took us 90 minutes to get here from Miami.

We are going to work hard and shine some light!!

Off to bed-up at 430a for a 500a departure on the "Buse' Du Patrick".  Sweet Dreams!

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