Friday, April 1, 2011

Falling into PLACE

Everything is falling into place!
If it doesn't fall into place, we will just force it into place.

Yes, we did get a laptop! Bigtime thanks to Hollis D. and TGB for helping us with that.
Yes, we do have enough suitcases....
We got our huge med order today from Essentia. Whew.

Our tents may be frozen solid today rather than "airing out in the sun",
but that is not stopping us from feeling super-positive about this next journey.
The temperature today in Port au Prince was 91 F- ha ha ha.

Donations have come in the form of money, prayers, stuffed animals, medications, power bars, penlights, medicinal oils, luche libre matchboxes, spicy mangos, supportive letters, poems, baggies, songs, toothbrushes, handknit dolls, and everything else under the sun and we cannot thank you enough!!!
We are taking all your love and support with us and are planning to spread it all over~

we could not do this without YOU.


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