Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Port au Prince- yeah!

We made it to Port au Prince and are set up in our home-away-from home here at MTI.
It is great to see our wonderful friends and guess what!!! Our luggage even made it!
Overall the mood here is joyful with the announcement of Martelly as the new president.
No tires a burning or angry mobs a marchin.
We had to actually RUN to make it from terminal A to terminal B since we left Dulhut over an  hour late.
Yeah baby- get out of our WAY!!! And like robust gazelles we sprinted with our giant backpacks and, sniff, didnt even get coffee. Or a scone, for pity's sake!
We spent a few hours hanging out on the runway in Miami ridin the storm out (hee hee) and viola!
Take off eh! and we made it here in time for dinner. And yes it really is 90 degrees!
So, that being said, I am off to sleep now.
Tomorrow is gonna be GREAT!

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