Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Less than a week..... we are totally organized (right Tricia?!?)

We still don't have enough suitcases, but the med list is looking good!
We don't have a laptop, but we have an itouch with many med apps (thanks HOT)!
We are at least on our way to being "ready".  I am washing my tent and have located some deet and my cholera sandels.
Here are some photos of the many hands from "up North" last time- many amazing people.............
This is definately a no comment shot-

World's meanest weinie loved the dogooder- or was it her breakfast?

Ah the rooftop. That table served as our office most nights.....

This world is definately a better place with Ted in it.

The supply tent- also known as the tent full of empty boxes.

Look at all the tantalizing food from the US painted around the kitchen!
You can see our staples on the counter- tabasco and Peter Pan on a hard bun
"They smell so good cooking and then, well, it's that bun again"

Open Hands team- seriously great coworkers!

This sweetie was one of the kids from the orphanage downstairs- I would
go down there at night and give some of the kids antibiotic injections
ouch..... they needed them but I was definately the MEAN one

The most photographed gate in St Louis du Nord!

Some of our wonderful interpretors!

These boys are really the gift shop of St L---
In just one hour or less you can have your own personalized bracelet!

We absolutely could not have done our job without Kervins and Henri!

Justin was the best- if he couldn't find it, you didn't need it

The guy lurking in back, Bill, was not a medic but turned intothe mighty "IV HAWK"
- he watched all the IVs for us while we tended to patients and if one wasn't running he
would relentlessly ask you to fix it until you did- he worked 12 hours shifts and
without his dedication things would not have gone so well

Cholera Street

MMRC and friends

This fella lived in an unused area at the mission- he had a foot ulcer that
was being tended to (unofficially) and he loved to sing and make cool
bracelets out of rings.

The beautiful mountains stretch on forever

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