Saturday, February 26, 2011

What we didn't expect- the first few days

So we heard there would be a hurricane- the severity of Tomas kept shifting around but one thing stayed constant and that was his path. The storm was headed to Haiti.  When you grow up in the blizzard belt a hurricane sounds very exotic yet who knows? We each brought and umbrella and a fit of giggles to fall into whenever we were confronted with the "hurricane updates".
Behold the Disco BOAT!

Whatever this thing is, it's just plain weird

Ah yes, the elephant-go-round lurks behind a palm

AIR HOCKEY!! Too bad there was no electricty, because I am the world CHAMP!!!

The river that is usually around 5 feet wide and puddlesque

See what happens when you are on the naughty list?

The do-gooder prays with EVERYONE- even livestock

Why won't this be vertical? Anyhow, it seems like an odd entrance to a clinic

School bus & a hut made out of old tires and plastic bottles at Grassroots

"They go moo! Hey- move over!"

Stay away from the ditch!!! La Rena (sp) will get you for sure

Cows grazing the boulevard

Just a pile of glass.

Invention-- one persons old refrigerator is another person's vehicle

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