Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things we kind of expected

Here are these photos from the first few days of our last mission- photos of things we expected....

We worked at the Bojoux Park clinic- a former disneyland-esque park that was turned into a makeshift clinic after the earthquake in 2010 and remains functional. It is a nice setup!
What is has: shade, chairs, a bathroom,a little pharmacy and a "treatment area" for those that need IVs, sutures, woundcare, Haitian doctors and nurses, interpreters, humanitarian medical volunteers
What is doesn't have: running water, electricity,most pediatric meds, privacy, lab, xray, money to pay the interpreters and Haitian workers.........

Our interpreters were hilarious and had long sad stories about life, loss, and trying to walk the path. We were disgusted that we were supposed to eat lunch in 2 different areas and not sit together. Naturally we did away with that rule immediately trading chicken for polenta and stuff like that. TMatt went right into interrogation mode interviewing the guys about how much they loved their mothers. Sniff. Sooo many sad stories but also so much hope.

The patients have arrived and are waiting for us to get to work!                                                                           

It's so funny because I can remember everyone that we treated
even tho we just spent 10-15 minutes with them- here I spend  days
with my patients and they all blur into no one

What a darling girl- she warmed up to us after the dogooder bribed her with candy

open wide!

How in the world can they have such sparkley white shirts??? We were living at the fancy
MTI house with laundry and a shower and we were the ones that looked like tarp dwellers

Tricia with her new daughter! (almost........)

This paplapa was the main part of the clinic, there was even a breeze

This teenager came to see us- he wasn't sick, just very hungry and in need of
prayers and love

The kitchen!!

Noa (upside down), Jesse, Danielle,and Colin- great nurses and paramedics

MTI breakfast- why won't these vertical pictures be verticle??? grrrrr

Can you find the giant hog in this pickup?                                                                                 

The dogooder and Peter, a gifted interpreter/caregiver that also
happens to be pert near 7 feet tall

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