Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just going to start at the start of the last start.........

Unfortunately neither one of us really journaled about our journey in November.

Of course we had tried to plan a bit for what we thought we might need. We packed 5 suitcases to the brim with medications (from A-analgesics to Z-zithromax), vitamins, supplies, toys, soccerballs, handcrafted dolls, homeopathic oils, and other assorted remedies. We left the big box of ORS packets we had created safely ziplocked together in a box back home.  We were hoping the cholera crisis was contained.
To be honest, we were probably more that a bit distracted by the upcoming hurricane alert.

"It's not a big deal here, really" our team leaders in PAP said, "they happen all the time, and there may be a lot of flooding and then you guys can get out there and dish out the medical care afterwards".
Ooooh, yes, we were set for that activity- we even brought 2 umbrellas!
We also wondered how much things over the 6 months since our last mission.

Here we go! 430 am, Duluth International Airport, no coffee available!

We arrived on a bigtime Haitian holiday and there was a
BAND playing as we walked to the customs area!

Rock on DIGICEL! Woohoo!

Could this be the plane that would later fly Baby Doc back to PAP???

Thumbs UP! Our pal Alex from MTI and a popular Haitian Pastor

Where oh where is our luggage?

Haitian airport workers enjoying a slooooooow day at work

Medishare hospital's fancy "x-ray room" and beauty sunset
Our new pal Noa monkeys away at the MTI house

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