Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time to start to plan the plan---- and many thanks to all of you

We are back in the planning business--- next mission dates are written in SNOW for April 5 thru the 19.... we are hoping to get our cholera boots/sandels back on and kick it!
Many apologies for totally ignoring the blog, won't even make up an excuse. Yep. Julie "procrastinate" Zimmerman. Yep.

Here are some more pics from our last mission..... thanks for all the love and support!

Sweet little cholera patient- ooh those eyes!

The fab Dr Jo and a friend

What a great crew!!!

TMATT and our favorite Wilson

BEAUTIFUL and sooo hard to travel thru

So this is the church right next to the cholera center. The big cross lights up.
There is a story that our interpretor, Henri, told me and it went like this:
You can see the sea and the island behing this church- the island is called Ile de la Tortue and was the place all the pirates used to live. Anyway, at twilight one night-
it was a dark and stormy night, the ship was sinking... did sink. That was the first
night that the cross was ever lit up- and the people in the bay couldn't see anything but
a distant glow. They swam toward that glow and as they neared the shore they knew it
was the cross and that they was going to live. As Henry told it,
"that Sunday everyone, EVERYONE, came to this church and that is the way it has been
ever since".

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