Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2

Day 2- or is it day 1?

We were at a sweet little community clinic today and saw lotsa folks that were malnurished and needed TLC. Oh yeah,  a few were very ill too of course.
The amusement-park-turned-clinic was pretty pretty cool!
We got to work under a huge palapa and there were even a couple Haitian MDs working as well,
The park clinic provided interpreters for us and the were awesome! They were also "volunteers"- of course!
They made not a dime and had to get themselves to "work" by paying for transportation outta their own pockets. Hmmpf.
They once was lost, but now theys found..............I swear that no one ever even dug through a single one!
Can't wait to have medications to hand out tomorrow at the same clinic! We have people returning for eyeglasses and meds that that YOU donated for them,
I am yet to pump up a soccerball- but I will NOT ruin a needle! I will NOT!!!!
I can hear some drumming, chanting, and bottle clankin over yonder. No gunshots tho...many barkers and some roosters puttin in their 2 cents.
Another team arrived today- a "crisis" team from Oregon- still not sure about the crisis since it is just as gorgeous as it could be weather-wise.

OK folks- Julie Louise, reigning Pictionary champ of MTI signing out!

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