Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We made it!!

We made it here- safe and sound! It's great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

The cholera outbreak is very manageable right now, so we will NOT be heading out to do any sort of cholera relief.......
The hurricane or rather the massive amounts of rainfall expected Friday/Saturday are really the big deals at this point.  How do we help? Where shall we go for the storm?
MTI (the org we are working and living with) is located in a VERY safe area far from the flood plain so it is likely that we will just do some sandbagging and hunker down here. Or not- there are a couple of hospitals that might need extra help and we could hunker there and work at the same time.
Either way we are safe.
Safety first!!!
We have a fine lil team of 3 RNs and 2 paramedics for tomorrow.

We enjoyed an open air pick up ride as the sun set tonight and are planning to be ready for action at 730am. We are going to work at a community clinic called Bojoux Park (spelled wrong I predict) which is the old amusement park turned into a clinic. Looks cool in the pictures I have seen- sorta creepy too for some reason. 
Anyhoo, I am WAY too lazy to download pix at this time- but when I do you will see that our new abode is quite a palace.

TMatt is already looking for big organizational projects for us if we end up hunkering here- her eyes gleamed when she saw the slightly disheveled pharmacy and I felt big time waves of deja vu as I heard her volunteering us for the make over.
Julie and Tricia

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  1. Guess who it is?! ALEXA! :)

    Miss you guys like crazy...and its been like 2 days? :(
    Hope everything is going good, saving lives and all. :)
    And, i hope you girls brought your rubber boots along...might need those.

    Love you!