Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday- the night before Tricia's birthing day, 22 days before we travel

Just trying to raise some awareness---
Here are some photos from day #3 of our last mission- we worked at a clinic across the street from the tent city that was across the street from the palace (sort of the PAP version of the White House). Most people have probably seen the photos of the presidential Palace as they were widely circulated after the earthquake. The nice thing about this clinic was that they had FOODand water available for the patients. You could actually write an rx for food.

Here's me with 2 of our favorite interpretors! And below is one of our fav docs climbing into "the cage"- a very safe-yet-bumpy truck that brought us to work on this fine Friday morning.

Non-stop crumbled buildings.

This is the clinic- "Mission Rescue". The police station was in the rear of the building and this is the lovely inner courtyard. There was even a bathroom!

This is the clinic inside- on the left you see the bounty of supplie. On the right you can't see the "exam cots". Everyone else could see them however, as many of the other patients waiting to be seen could plainly rubberneck and see and hear everything going on.

Here we are on the clinic roof- air temperature 100 with a 99% humidity. Aaaah.

 Boys playing....... Tmatt visiting with 2 of the 3 pediatricians that had stayed on site at this clinic for 3 weeks- this was their last day there. They actually pitched a tent on the roof!

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