Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Less than a month!

Just thinking about our mission~ kind of nervous.......
though we know a lot more than we did last trip, we know that REALLY we know next to nothing.
I have to believe.
"When action is pure and selfless, everything settles into its own perfect place."

Thankfully, I have never been that organized. I hear it's harder to be flexible for those that are organized.
Thankfully, Tricia is organized. Then I will just "take charge" later on.........

We are crossing our fingers that today is the day that we get another great band for our rock show/benefit at RT Quinlan's on October 22.
So far we have the Ziola Tribal Dance belly dancers, Anthony Bennett, and the Little Black Books-
woo hoo! We need money for medications. We have no donations for prescription rx's at all, but are able to buy them at cost from the SMDC pharmacy and that is HUGE.
Here are some photos from day #2 last mission.........

Tricia discusses "do- goodery" with another volunteer PA........
Here are some of our patients.......

This is part of our team that day- Steve was a QCR translator from QCR that we loved, and the other guys are medical students that no longer have a med school to attend as it collapsed with 90% of the faculty inside. Thankfully they showed up and helped us treat over 300 patients that day! The other gals in scrubs are NPs from the glorious Vermont team. (TMatt was probably off blowing bubbles with the kids.)                                                                                               

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