Wednesday, October 13, 2010


FRIDAY OCTOBER 22 is our rock and/or roll benefit at RT QUINLAN'S SALOON!!!
Rt's is downtown across from the holiday center underneath

what used to be Mr Nick's burgers and is now the Maya restaurant. 
There is an entrance on Michigan Street too.

$5 gets you a night of entertainment featuring:

and TRIBAL ALCHEMIE starts the night off with their bellydancing glory!

I personally love RT's- it's a great place to hear live music and we are so thankful for them and all the musicians and dancers that are donating their time and talent to help us help Haiti.

 Here are some pic's from day #4 of our last mission........we were still at that clinic in the police station across from the Palace, it was called Mission Rescue and of course there were tons of  super cute kids around there to visit with.........

Dr Tin and Heidi enjoy a thrilling open air ride back to QCR!


When we got back to QCR the road was blocked off by the US Army- a tap tap had lost control and run over this street vendor right in front of QCR! There were several MDs and RNs around with tons of supplies, so they splinted his fractured leg, started a couple of IV's and shipped him off via QCR pick up to the ED!

We walked a couple blocks to the restaurant and had delicious pizza for dinner that night, it was wonderful to be in airconditioning and to know that there are Haitians that do have food to eat. Just a little whiff of "normal life" really did a lot to restore our energy.

All the barbers here have some sort of version of "the dude" painted on the outside of their shop-- you can see the barber knocking on his door trying to get us to notice his hair cutting prowess. The barbers look nothing like "the dude" paintings so it isn't supposed to be them............. we loved the wide variety of "dudes".

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