Saturday, October 16, 2010

So many things to remember!

Soooo  many things to remember to do! I need a list to keep track of my lists!

Thanks to everyone for helping us out- all the kinds words and donations help more than you could ever know. 
The reality is, we still need more medications. Probably the best thing now is just to donate $- we are able to buy things at cost at the SMDC pharmacy and are able to get prescription meds like antimalarials and antibiotics.

There are just a few pictures from day #5 of our last mission- we stayed at Quesquiya all day and organized the supply room/hallways. Uffda. We also were able to attend church at the little church on QCR grounds that day. There were some volunteers from several orphanages at church- with them were tiny malnourished babies that received prayers and love from the congregation. These infants were not going to live longer than another day or two~it was heartbreaking and unforgetable.


Soccer after dinner- nothing like it- and not for the faint of heart!

Mmmmm, rice and beans, my favorite!


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