Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Falling into place

Things are falling into place for our mission.
Just thinking of our last trip- day #6.
We went to Morning Star- a private K-12 school- and set up shop. Our patients came from the very large tent city across from the very nice school.
They even had a pool! WEIRDNESS prevailed there on many levels. It was 3 RNs seeing patients (no MDs or CNPs in sight) so we were real nervous.

My favorite memory was when a very, very robust rat decided to waddle across our long line of people waiting to be seen and hop into the potted plant next to Tricia. His long, nasty tail was quite obvious dangling over the edge of the pot.  Wish I would've gotten a picture of THAT.


Interpreters from Morning Star- super smart!

Jackson from QCR- one of the BEST!

Could our patients be any cuter??!?


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