Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday #1

I called it Sunday #1 because we will have Sunday #2 in Haiti as well. Then we will have Monday #1, but Tuesday will be Tuesday #2 already and I don't know how to explain exactly how I feel about that.
This morning General T-to-the-Matt allowed me to have some joe (and this coffee is FOR SURE the necter of the gods) then CRACK went the whip and we went straight into the storage area. It is air conditioned. It is full of filthy boxes. We found everything from TEDs and emergency field kits to jungle scrubs and tiny styrofoam coolers. The useless donation of the day award went to.........drum roll....... the Lap Band kit! yes, somewhere, someone donated a surgical pack that contained the material to do a LAP band surgery. Not that I am not grateful, but I hardly think that the UN donations of rice will push anyone into the catagory of "obesity" for crying out loud.
We decided to go to church after several grueling hours of sorting and a bloody paper cut (the General).
The chapel is right here at QCR.
As we approached-10 minutes early mind you- we heard the sound of the congregation singing along with a 7 piece band accompanying and it was standing room only. WOW! Everything was in english even tho there were definately more Haitians there than other folks.
At breakfast we had had a long discussion about love, judgement, giving, forgiveness, and strength. Of course the lesson followed along with our very mindset but that doesnt surprise me anymore.
Can you imagine the energy in that chapel? It was intense- to say the very least. It was amazing.
And then- it was over and POOF! Back to the storage room.
I am sleeping outside now on the porch with fleabag and the rooster.

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