Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday morning!!

Julie is still sleeping out in the tent.  Everyone is awake, passing by her, giggling and she remains asleep.  We do not have to leave until 745a this morning.  Julie stayed up late, making a breast pump for a woman who has severe wound from untreated mastitis. She was told to continue to nurse!  OUCH! If they do not continue to nurse it is very hard for their baby to survive.

We also had a new addition to the QCS, a puppy!  He was given to one of the interpreters here from someone at hospital Maimi.  He said that the puppy did not look like a Haitian dog so he named her Ginger.  Peter the cat is scared to death of this puppy, half his size......Julie made a collar and leash for ginger, how creative she is.

This morning is over cast, which I am thankful for.  I am getting use to the intense heat but it can cause some physical symptoms at times.

God is really working down here!  I pray that there will be a revival in Haiti.

Off to clinic Morning Star.  I pray that I will be able to help someone today!  I have to go wake Julie up, can't wait to see her face :-)


  1. Leave it to Tricia to find a puppy. I bet that puppy was glad to find you! Can't wait to see all your pictures. Courtney wrote her Confirmation speech on Baptisim and included a very nice paragraph about her special God mother, Tricia. I will email you a copy. You are a blessing to so many of us here. I'm sure the people of Haiti feel blessed to have you in their lives too! Keep it up! ~Jeannie

  2. I would laugh at Julie's face too. Hardy, har-har. :) Love you mom!~ Be safe!


  3. God Bless both of you! Stay safe! From the meanest person alive!