Saturday, April 17, 2010


This is going to be a shortie cuz some EVIL little vector (a mosquito) bit me on the inner thigh and I need to go into my own private tent. Oh yes, we did see a case of malaria today, a maggoty wound, and lots of other interesting medical cases but instead I am going to discuss how incredible the simple, "normal" things in life are.  Clinic closed early and so we were home by 2- we went to the grocery store today and also out for pizza! It was ridiculous in the store. They had my fav soymilk, doritos, tiny first aid kits- it was just like the West Duluth Super One! (except the mangoes were a heck of a lot better lookin). 
These feeling of normalcy ended abruptly when I got the nod to exit the gated parking lot area of the supermarket.
Yes, there are 7 armed guards that decide who gets to come into/out of the area and on the way in I was so used to just walking into any area that I didn't even NOTICE them.
Being the priveledged one allowed to enter the grocery area- that has been my comfortable norm.
I can think that I understand what it would be like to be denied access to this food- to have to stay outside the gate-but really I have not been there.
There are so many people that never get to cross the line into the priveledged area- are they "used" to being shut out? Can this sort of thing be so familiar that it becomes comfortable?
I doubt it. But I can see how people give up, lose hope, quit fighting.

Of course I am thankful for all that I have always been allowed but I would give up a little or even a lot  to even things out.
Goodnight Irene~


  1. Beautiful thoughts, and beautifully written. Thank you for thinking about the big stuff.

  2. You write so well, my dear. What criteria do they use to keep people out? Not that any of it would be justified.....I just wondered if its dependent on the "mood" of the man with the gun or do they have directives from someone else (who I'm sure has lots of food and probably lots of guns too)?

    So many questions....thinking of you!