Friday, April 16, 2010

fry day

hello to all! AND- thanks for mailing that Judy!

Today was not so smooth- you know, day 3 of work- adrenaline wearing off and reality........... reality is not something I am dealing with right now, thank you!
Anyhoo, tomorrow is another day and 20 people are flying out. Over the next 3 days we will get 15 more, but still. It is all about change- and just letting things go and doing te best that you can. We will go back to Mission Rescue tomorrow- the 3 pediatricians will not be there- but we will be with the same med folks otherwise with a sprinkling of others. There are several spouses and "nonmedical people" that are here and we appreciate them too and hope that they are ok with all this CRAP.
We took our lunch break on the roof- across the street is the (crumbled) palace and financial building. I was marching around taking photos when ZOING it hit me- crumbled building to the left, crumbled building to the right, ooooh- is this REALLY safe??? Well of course not. But it seemed "fine".  And one of the ped docs was even sleepin up there in a tent.
The STD's are very very prevalent here- I did find 2 condoms to hand out- so many in the tent city yesterday asked if we had any. Duh. And that is something we should have brought with from SMDC.
Tricia set up shop as pharmacist again today. She inflicted pain with nasty IM injections for the aformentioned ailment and I knew she was in action as several gals I had triaged earlier went limping by.

The cat's name is Peter and I vow to neuter the little rascal before I leave.  Word.
Sunday we are going to do the Heizman on the "supply room" and pharmacy here and organize the 100s of boxes so the donations can be used. The stuff ranges from the much sought after eye drop to the box of white size 8 women's polyester pants. Any guesses on who volunteered us for that?
Oh- and APPARENTLY we DO go to Sean Penns site too- I hate to be too demanding but will have to put in a request certainly.

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  1. I keep wishing I was there with you two!!!! It sounds amazing and frustrating and challenging all rolled into one. This is an experience you will NEVER forget. I remember watching children playing soccer in Nicaragua with an empty milk jug. Happiness is simple, why do we always seem to forget that in our crazy lives?? I'm SO proud of you two!! Keep up the great work. Thinking of you daily and praying that God continues to hold you in His safe hands. Thank you for being you!! Brenda