Monday, April 5, 2010

Not able to comment

I have heard  many of you wanted to write back to Julie and I but it is not easy to comment on the blog.  Either it doesn't work and there were too many steps to sign up.  I will try to share with facebook where you can write back without signing up for a new "email".  Otherwise my email is

Thank you!

Tricia Mattson


  1. Lookit~ I posted a comment and it was tre easy!

  2. I guess you have to have to sign up for gmail first, you can just post. Forwarding to facebook is easy to respond. :-)

  3. Not that easy - Don't hit "Preview" (I did & now cannot comment on April 6.) Maybe if I use Anonymous... Oh yeah - Best to you, Julie & Tricia, and to the many people you will help! (let's see if this goes through...)