Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday!Thinking how fortunate and thankful I am for my family's and friend's safety and health.  I watched the VERY disturbing Front Line this morning, regarding Haiti and the earthquake.  I would love to hear your comments about it if you feel led.  If you haven't seen it, it is worth watching. Young ones should not watch. The website is in the blog from Julie, just click on it and watch it.
I have been praying so hard that I am a changed person when I come back from Haiti.  I pray that when I come home most the "things" that mattered to me, will not matter.  I pray that I will become thankful for every moment here, for health, water and food.  I pray my whole prespective changes.  I am living in middle class USA, in Hermantown MN what a comfy place to be :-).  I hopefully in the near future will be able to send Andrew.

My mission in life?  Help others in need. Who would of know the pastor that prayed over me when I was in 8th grade would be right. I laughed at him.....   God is Good.

Hope you are all having a wondering day!  Blessings!!

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