Friday, April 2, 2010

Swallowing medications................. urgh!!!!

As most of you all know by now I have a hard time swallowing pills.  It is strange because I have not a problem swallowing food.  I have had my Typhoid pills for 5 weeks. Julie Louise took them as soon as she got them, as directed every other day until gone.  Well, it will take 8 days to get through these so I better get swallowing AND next Tuesday we have to start our Chloroquine to prevent Malaria.  I can't remember how big those pills are. No crushing or splitting of these meds!!

We are coming right a long. Last night we went over our medication list trying to prioritize what to bring and what the Haitians need most.  1st on our list???  Premethrin (for scabies), apparently it is widespread.  2nd on our list Imodium 3rd Cipro, and the list goes on.  With our clothes, tents, sleeping mats, flashlights fan, clothes and water filter. The medical supplies; splints, gloves, masks, shoes, bug spray, dried food and of course our CAMERAs,  We need to really PRIORITIZE what to bring.  I guess I would rather go without  some comfort items for myself if I could fit more medical supplies and medications. I know Julie is on the same page.

I can feel the prayers!!!   10 more days........................Blessings to you all!   Tricia

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