Monday, March 29, 2010

The 15 day countdown begins!

I can't believe we will fly 15 days from today! It seems too soon, then way too far off as well.
We have a lot going on of course, and have heard some news from PAP. Apparently the QCR house/shelter that we were planning to stay at is closed for repairs and everyone has moved to an elementary school in a different location. Sounds like security has been totally beefed up and thus I am adding 2 little pepper spray units to our wish list.
I don't know what day, but sometime soon there will be a lil article on us in the Hermantown Star newspaper. We are going to speak at the Rotary Club on Friday too!
Here are the shirts I made.......and the stickers too of course. If you would like to buy one the shirts are $20 and the stickers are $2 and just email or call me or see me or Tricia at work.
If you have a specific size/color request I will make some more later in the week and can do women's, men's, juniors, kids, babies, anything you would like.
I am also making some more "punkrock friendly" t's that are just white or black with logo.
Peace, Julie Louise

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