Wednesday, March 31, 2010


All I am sayin is........ check out the Hermantown Star tomorrow.
Thanks for all the many t-shirt orders- it is not too late- just email with your size, color pref- tye dye vs plain black, and if you want a "ladies cut" type t or just a regular one. We can do kids, babies, dogs.......whatever except we can't find any long sleevers. The shirts are $20 for the tyedyed and $15 for the black ones.
We still are looking for a laptop....... but the list oh how it DWINDLES! Thank you soso so much.
A friend of a friend that runs a sort-of orphange north of Port au Prince (outside of Cape Haitien kinda) states that even the families that weren't directly in the earthquake have really been affected by the lack of resources. They have been eating "mudcakes" and the seeds that they should be planting for future food. Mudcakes. That really says it all. When we see the photos of the lively markets filled with food that is showing the only way farmers have to make $- they are selling the food, not eating it themselves.
Julie Louise

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