Saturday, March 27, 2010

Learning how to be peaceful and patient

Good Morning!!!  Julie and I are still working hard to get the supplies needed.  We are so thankful and deeply humbled for all the donations we have received from family, friends and anonymous individuals! I have to admit this has been a LONG wait! This journey started the day after the earthquake, and still we have a little over 2 weeks before we go.  I have had to learn to be patient and peaceful and know that it is all in God's timing. He knows the timing of everything thing!!!
Thanks again everyone!!!!


Thank you to Paula and Jenny from Share Advantage Credit Union!!!!   Thank you to Wade Petrich for coming out and meeting with Julie and I.  I hope this increases the awareness of the crisis that still remains in Haiti. If we are lucky, we will be able to find volunteers that will come with us :-).  Thank you to Terri at Gander Mountain for offering to help with equipment that is needed. 

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