Thursday, March 18, 2010

Read the website of Quisqueya, what they have been able to accomplish!!!

Another great day!  I was able to go over my list of items to bring to HAITI with my partner in mission.... Julie Louise.  The knowledge that girl has......... wow!!!...Let me tell you, I was taking notes!  We were trying to figure out how to keep lizards and spiders and such out of our tents.....ideas anyone?

Accomplishments!  I bought comfy shoes,  scrubs that were larger  (that is all I will say......afraid to try them on.)  Medication's that will be donated from SMDC signed by Dr Zager hand delivered to Mr Schillo who does all the arranging. What an incredible group at SMDC,.  I was so encouraged by one of my BFF's Melissa D  (as always) I got a cash donation from my 11 year old Ana. 

Thank you for the Hermantown Community! I love living here!!!!

Life is good for us in the USA.....I hope we never forget that.  Pray for all those who are trying find food and water to drink. 
Have a good weekend everyone!!!  I am thankful for each and every one of you!!!!  From Tricia

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