Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Morning~ or I should say bonjour! 
I am absolutely floored by the support from our friends, family, and the community.
When I say community I mean large scale- from 5th St East here in Duluth to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mequin, Wisconsin and beyond!
Our "to do" list is rapidly getting shorter and shorter mostly due to TRICIA.
Wow! Somehow (charm?) she gets people to do just exactly what needs to be done, and fast!
Thank you God for teaming me with this nonstop list-making, fast-talkin' ball of energy~ she is fearless in the face of bureacracy and I do so appreciate her!

Did anyone see Sean Penn on Anderson Cooper (CNN) last night?
Here is a link to a clip from last week (I couldnt find last nights clip anywhere)-- the J/P Haiti Relief Organization is working very hard to hard get Haitians out of the rain -
Scarey stuff.....
On a lighter note-I  think I'll make some peaceloveHAITI t-shirts today~ any excuse to get out the dye~ to help with awareness and stuff~ when they are done I will post a picture in case anyone wants one.
PLEASE dont take this day for granted~
PEACE (and beans)----- Julie Louise

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