Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Today was a wonderful day-.  Thanks to Sheri Bergeron, I think I found a tent, easy to set up and light weight!!  Also, a donation from my friend Heather which will be used for vitamins for the children, they are so vitamin deficient.  SMDC has been very gracious, donating a lot of medications for us to bring. The MD's  have been so willing to help, I am so proud of where I work.   Sue a physical therapist from SMDC has been on many missionary trips over the years.  She gave me a wealth of information on how to prepare for the weather, rain, giving us airplane tips and travel tips.  Wow with me just starting this journey, I was amazed at Sue's wonderful giving spirit, and her wisdom.  I am sure I will be calling her at least a dozen more times before we leave.  Thank you Sue Bussa.  Sue Reed, thank you for your contribution of supplies that you had extra from your last missionary trip.  Thank you also for listening to me ramble on and on. Thank you to my friend Julie (co mission partner), whom I have been calling at least 10 times a day with what I think is new exciting information about our peace love haiti mission. Most of the time I am repeating myself and she still listens excitedly, just like it is the first time she has ever heard it :-)

I appreciate my friends who are praying for us.  Because of the prayers I feel very peaceful about getting what we need, in fact every detail is falling into place.  Thank you to Lavonne for the blog you sent me today, just what I needed for inspiration!!  You are a dear friend!  Diane R, thank you for offering your tent, if you have a hard time setting it up, can you imagine me trying to?? LOL

We are still in need of a wii fii lap top.  We do not have the room to bring drug books etc, and  it is also a way we could communicate with our friends and family.
Still searching for a back pack, that will fit on the plane but easy to carry and lots of room to carry our everyday stuff, tent, scrubs, shoes, etc etc.
Any one have any extra stethoscopes?

Tomorrow goals:
Trying to find some comfy shoes for HOT, RAINY weather!!
find scrubs that can fit me  #$$I*@(*)
Dr to sign medication list and drop off at Director of Pharmacy

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