Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPRING medical mission is almost here!!!

We went to southern Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.
Diane, Tricia and I flew down in an MAF plane for HERO, a Haitian disaster relief organization. Les and Kervens drove the truck down (even though we were told the roads were not driveable) and met us in Les Cayes.
The destruction was unbelieveable.  Houses, trees, crops, EVERYTHING had been flattened.
Here is a video of the coast along Port Salut....

we had a hard time getting around.  The roads, the rain, uffda.
We made it to several remote villages that had not received any help since the hurricane. Unfortunately, 10 days or more out from the event the crisis relief turned into moral support and counseling as many people were showing signs of PTSD.  People were already replanting their fields, but there will be a big gap in edible food between planting and harvest.  Few mango trees were left standing, all kinds of animals were lost, and the plantains won't be back for a year.

I have a million photos that I will put up eventually.  Our next trip is 3/30- 4/8 and will be to Lacoma as is tradition.  Just I am going from the US branch of PLH, but I am going to meet up with Fabienne and Kervens and a big team from Sagebrush church in Albuquerque.

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