Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hurricane Matthew--- go away

We are thinking about everyone in Haiti and Jamaica bracing for the hurricane and hoping and praying that it loses strength by the time it reaches southern Haiti..... the warning extends all the way up to Mole St. Nicolai.
Here is the latest update----

The first giant cholera outbreak was just after the hurricane in 2010.  Hurricane Tomas.
We remember because we were there.

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  1. Change of plans #17....
    We have decided to go to the remote areas hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew.
    Why wouldn't we?
    Our in country team went to Lacoma (in the NW by Jean Rabel) and evaluated the situation on Sunday. The community is going to be without food in the near future and that is their reality. Heartbreaking.
    Today's evaluation of the SW has shown us our new path.
    There are so many cases of cholera spread everywhere and there is no clean water. Decaying livestock and debris, broken pipes, and complete devastation has polluted the only water available.
    We are planning to head to Port-a-Piment or Dame Marie... very remote towns that are in dire need.
    We know how to help and we are ready to get going!
    The first photo is a map of Haiti and the pin marks Port-a-Piment and Dame Marie is just north of there on the coast. The second photo shows the barren coast. The third photo is a beautiful little kiddo that has a few post-hurricane injuries.
    Thank you so much for helping us get there~ YOU are our inspiration!