Friday, September 9, 2016

Plans change with the wind

Hello all!

So we have a big plan change.......  not surprising eh?

The presidential election in Haiti is on 10/12 and, historically, this can mean a bunch of unrest.

Naturally, no one wants to be involved in anything that could potentially be dangerous, so Sagebrush has decided to postpone their fall trip to Lacoma.

What does this mean?
It means that Peace Love Haiti is going anyway.
We are changing our dates to October 19-29 and will all fly in together- Tricia, Diane, Julie, Les, and Dr. Mark.  It will be a week after the election and we will be very very safe and so happy to finally get there.

Thanks for all your support~ we love you all!

Oh--- and we have a go fund me to help us raise enough money for the trucks we need to get to Lacoma!!!

Check it out!

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