Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blog Procrastination, part 2

Why is it so hard for me to write a little update on the blog?
It does NOT mean that we have forgotten or are giving up.
We are still as dedicated as ever to helping in Haiti!
We are more determined than ever before.
Maybe it is too hard to think too much about what is happening in Haiti when we are so so far away. Maybe it is too hard to relive everything that happens on every trip: trying to help our patients when there is no treatment available, the amazing landscapes,  the poverty, the flowers, the trees, the sea, all the beautiful people that we consider family that we only get to see a few times a year, the contrasts, the sameness, the faith, the love.
Once and awhile I just shut myself into my own little world and the door locks behind me.

I apologize for not posting a single photo or writing a single word about our April trip.
In a nutshell... it was short but so very sweet.

PLH joined forces with a great team from Sagebrush Church from Albuquerque, NM (again) and Dr. Aquis (the hardest working dentist you will ever meet in the US or in Haiti).  We paired with the unstoppable Fabienne Goutier!  Rounding out our team was a bunch of amazing translators and logisticians, without whom we would not function for a minute.

We saw many patients and Sagebrush installed a gigantic diesel generator.  Now- for the first time ever-  the clinic has power when it really needs it!  And boy does it need power to run the lab, nebulizers, and to see after 8pm.  No more suturing, delivering babies, or starting IVs by head light or cell phone.  Progress!!!

Thank you so much- we could not have helped treat over 500 medical patients and over 300 dental patients without YOU. Yeah, you.  Thanks a million.

Here are some photos......
The generator sends electricity right to the clinic

Waiting to see the best dentist ever

Cute shy ti gason

our HUGE and WONDERFUL team!!!

Sagebrush gets all PeaceLoveHaiti as they head home to Albuquerque

Baby Scale

Our translators are the BEST

Donkey parking only
Bonjou everyone! No shortage of patients, ever

Kids always flock to Kervens- but this is really his son!

Dr Aquis injects some anesthetic before he fills a cavity

Pastor Gesnel hands out some food
Madam Pastor wearing a flashy tshirt!

The best day is a beach-after-work day!

Nurse Fabienne Aquis and Madam St. D help us do everything

Hot diggity digging to bury the cable from the generator

Dreaming about the moringa farm of the future

This is an OLD moringa tree
Moringa flowers- yum!
Haven't seen this since 2010- look to the right to see what it looked like before the earthquake ->
The Palace is gone completely

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