Monday, November 10, 2014


Preparing for this next trip--- leaving FRIDAY already---
thinking a lot about the other November trips.
You never know what to expect.

Seriously-- the one constant thing about working in Haiti has been lack of control.

Transportation is an incredible obstacle even for us--- the people with the 4-wheel truck!

Flat tires (9 in one 2-week trip), broken tie-rods, broken axels, getting stuck in quicksand, lack of available diesel fuel,  manifestations,  unreliable car rental companies,  flooding,  massive amounts of mud,  washed out roads,  hurricanes,  traffic jams,  herds of slow moving cows,  slow moving crowds of people,  crooked cops,  unbelievable erosion...   all these things (and more) have interrupted what we planned as a easy trip up the road!
Flying the friendly skies is an option but the cost is not friendly at all.
We have also tried buses, tap taps, motos, our feet, hitchin a ride.
Nothing goes as planned.

Giving up control is tough but what a great lesson learned!
And it is re-enforced daily and multiple times each trip.

ALLOWING things to happen rather than MAKING them happen is a really important lesson to learn... at it allows us to live life POSITIVELY. 
The only thing you can control is yourself.
You cannot control another person, situation, or event.  Good grief.
Positive energy comes from so many places-- the beauty of nature, connecting with our creative flow of energy,  giving to others,  loving relationships,  spirituality,  music.... the flow of life....  and life constantly renews itself.
Giving up control- surrendering---
concentrating on your own positive energy allows you to learn from adversity and grow from it.

Complete acceptance of what is... plus faith that all is well (even without your input).... plus positive energy = surrendering control and ALLOWING yourself to experience life as you choose.
And I don't mean give up fighting for what you believe in-- I mean give up trying to control it!!!  Never give up fighting for what you believe.

Ok, that's it for today.  I am supposed to be packing, gathering,  trying to fix the washing machine by replacing the tub bearing or something-or-other.....and did I mention packing.

Here are some pictures from Peace Love Haiti trips of yesteryear:

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