Monday, October 6, 2014

Haiti September 2014

I just returned from Haiti-lots of information to share!  First of all, just got word that the first baby was born in Dr B's new delivery room!!  Here is a picture of his labor room, this is SO EXCITING
Now lets pray for a generator so he can have electricity.  Women can go into labor after dark!! and/or might need surgical intervention!

This particular 14 month old and her mom waited for about 3 hours to see me like I would be able to help her-  hehe.  Her mom thought her daughter had a tumor.  Thanks to Facebook, we were able to find a Dr from the states that will perform surgery(in Haiti) on this umbilical hernia-for FREE!  She will be have this done in a couple of days!!  How exciting is that!!!

One of my friends from work donated this hat to bring to Haiti.  I told her I would find the perfect Haitian woman to have it.  Here she is!  She LOVED it!

This is the way I feel about the Haitian people!  They are beautiful, smart and resilient and I am honored to be able to help any way I can!  I cannot wait to return!  

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