Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soooo many days have gone by since the last post----- please forgive us!
Sometimes life is a crazy balance and sometimes it doesn't balance that well.

We had an INCREDIBLE trip in November of 2013!!!!
We spent almost 2 weeks in Lacoma seeing patients!!!
Les and Hallie got married in the clinic and the whole community came to celebrate!!!
We got to travel to Jacmel (on the southern coast) and also to the mountains and the cool beautiful Kenscoff.....

Very good news is that there is now a nurse stationed in Lacoma~~ we are very grateful that the community has someone there at the clinic again.

That being said, we have only advanced to where the area was a year ago.
*sigh*.....  one step back, one step forward.

Will we give up???  NO WAY!!!
We have our next trip scheduled for May 2-13!!!!
HELP US!!! We need your prayers, ideas, insight!!!!

Here are a few pictures from the last trip.....

During August this woman was my preterm labor patient!!!

Today's fine feathered friend is tomorrow's lunch.... 

Jullien (the Lacoma branch of peaceloveHaiti-our translator) and many a patient waiting waiting waiting!

Joshua- a friend from waaaaaay back in the day

"My neck is sore everyday"...... yep.......


Market Day!!! Beep beep!

Team Peace Love Snoozers

Kervins helping people see!!!

Dash---- we have watched her grow up the last few years

Les and Hallie's prenup sup (now that's a fresh dinner!)

Look! We went out for dinner in a RESTAURANT!!!!

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