Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trip #6--- away we go

Leaving Tomorrow!!!
Yes we are.... heading back to Haiti tomorrow and we can't wait!

6 suitcases (so far).... 4 people..... a LOT of medications and supplies thanks to YOU!!!

Dr Mark (trip #3 for him)  and Chris C are going to be THE ob department for NW Haiti right there in La Pointe at La Baracka Hospital.  Chris is an RN that usually works Birthplace at Essentia/St Marys-- she gonna bring the labor to the labor/delivery ward!!! Can't wait to see some baby pics....

Katie (an ICU RN from Essentia that is NOT, I repeat NOT, scared of spiders)  and Julie shall join forces with Jamie (our newest member.... she is an EMT and Haitian-- wooot!!! Put your English/Kreyol dictionaries away people cuz Jamie has it covered) and head back to the lovely community of Lacoma.

Some areas we will cover---
How much rain is too much?  
How deep is the mud?
How cute are the new babys of NW Haiti?
And, unfortunately, is cholera really back on the rise?

Love to everyone that is continuing to send us support for this trip.... 
all the donations from your cast away toys to your hard earned cash to your prayers and kind words-- it all adds up and powers us to go on and GO!

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