Friday, April 15, 2011

We cannot put in to words what has happened this past week. Les, Julie and I were in La Coma,  sleeping in our tents. It was a 8 hour drive on the most awful streets you could ever imagine.  We had 2 flat tires, had to go through a river. 

After we arrived we met the pastor and a very pregnant nurse who helps at the clinic.  We set up our camp. I felt like we set up our tents where the roosters usually sleep and hangout. You could tell they were mad at us. They were cocka-doodling all day and all night long.  One rooster in particular was kicking dirt into Julie's tent, she must of made him mad. The dogs were not that much better, scared of us white folk maybe?

Our showers consisted of 5 cups of water each to wash up.  No running water or electricity in intense heat (this still baffles my mind!)  La Coma is a beautiful, dry community in the northwest of Haiti.  It has many cactus trees which we had to watch very closely not to run over with our car. I got to see my first Joshua tree, very cool I must say. 

This community is like all the other communities in Haiti, very poor.  If the patient coming in to the clinic cannot pay for services, they will sell they goats or other livestock to pay for services. Malari is very prevalent. MTI is trying to set up an Urgent Care which would be incredible for this community.  This is a huge undertaking!  I am amazed at how well the Haitian parents take care of their little ones......I was amazed every day we were there. 

The whole week we were in La Coma, I kept telling Julie and our project coordinator Les,  that I wanted to help deliver a baby.  The Haitian nurse who helps at the clinic was 8 months pregnant. I thought it might be here. Les had been through many births as a EMT and wanted nothing to do with it.  It was a joke and every time I would see the pregnant nurse I would assess her to see if she was having contractions or not.

 Thursday was our last day at the clinic at La Coma!  We got our camp all packed up and went to work at the clinic. Les wanted us to finish early so we could cross the river in daylight.  It was around 230p, Julie had two patients left.  Looked like were we going to be able to leave at a good time.  I took a break and thought I would start cleaning out the truck. 

During my break someone noticed at least 20 people walking up the road, singing and carrying a very pregnant woman on a bed high up in the air.  You can never plan anything in they have what we need to delivery a baby here?  Not really.............

Breech baby, only could feel one foot sticking out.  Julie told me to pray and I did. She left the room to call for help because this patient had been laboring for so long.  I prayed and tadaaaa.....I was able to get both feet out......A miracle! feet first! Of course I screamed for Joy and JZ came running.......

Little did we know this mother was pregnant with twins!!!!  WOW!  What a day! Julie was able to help with the other baby. What a natural she was!  It was like she delivered babies every day! IDENTICAL TWINS!

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