Monday, April 18, 2011

Babies were the common theme in La Coma.  Dad came in with 5 day old babies.  A set of triplets, one had died.  The baby on the left did not look like she was going to make where to send her other than home. 

Sorry for the delay in posting on our blog.  We have been in the middle of no where and they did not have electricity.  We did use our cell phones on occasion but are trying to limit the use of that as well do to the change in the Global Package from Verizon (that is a story in it self).

Tomorrow I plan to download more pictures of all the toys that were distributed to the children of Haiti.  This trip has been another incredible journey.  A journey of healing and hope and of life and death, once again.  It still amazes me the resilience of the Haitian people!  A friend of ours surveyed the La Coma area and reported that the average walk to get to any type of health care is 1 hour and 10 minutes by foot.  That is in the intense heat, and up mountainous terrain.  Hopefully when they get to the the "clinic",  it will be open with the Haitian nurse who is the only staff person.

You never know what you will run into in Haiti~

Sooo excited to get this car that was donated to PeaceloveHaiti!

Waiting for customers

This child only had this shirt to wear and helped us clean up the clinic, even without being asked!

Donated toothbrushes were a hit~!

Louise Joyjean
Welcome to the Family!
Thanks again for all of your support!  Tricia

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