Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easing back into the life

Back home to the familiar, wonderful life we are so used to.  It always takes quite awhile to acclimate ourselves back to the things that most people take for granted. How we love the running water! And the fresh vegetables, and having ICE available all the time! I am making wild blueberry scones as I type this on a SUNNY Easter morning.  I as trying to be positive and use all the experiences of the past few weeks to inspire me and to motivate me as there is a LOT happening with Peace Love Haiti and it's all extremely GOOD.

That being said, I have to bring up the weirdness of moving my spirit back from PaP to home. It's so difficult to be stuck between stations..... trying to focus on soccer scheduling and vent alarms while I still imagine that I hear a rooster or two and wonder if this or that patient is surviving.
We form close bonds with our friends and team members in Haiti- we are all so dedicated to helping the people there and that focus bonds us easily and tightly.  The regular shields we may use normally are completely removed and it is scarey but feels great. Everytime we come home I think I can just walk strong and be free from barriers, but immediately realize the shield must go back up. Not everyone has the same mindset as I do, in fact it is pretty rare. 
I am so grateful to have Tricia as such a great partner/nurse/friend on these journeys. We are always there for each other and compliment each other on so many levels- even if we need to work on our harmonies....and organizing skills.....
Enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday everyone! Blessings!

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