Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving along on our last mission.........

Moving along down memory lane from our last mission , we hit day number 5. We made it through the hurricane, which was really a very rainy day, mostly, that caused a ton of flooding and absolutely ruined many tarp/tent "homes". It also caused the mighty Artobinite river- the river that supplies most of the country with what water they do get- to flood beyond belief and spread cholera all about. When offered the chance to fly in a 5 seater up to north-western Haiti, how could we refuse? So we grabbed our smallest backpack and hopped in Doogie's lil prop plane, filled it with supplies, and went to Port-de-Paix.

Here is the runway in Port-de-Paix....... after we landed our pilot thoughtfully radioed
back to PAP and let them know that "it's muddy but landable".

MTI team #2 ready for action!
Beauty day for flying!
Ted and Alex load supplies
Fly the friendly skies with MAF and MTI
Our pilot was the only one that got a helmet. Hmmpf.

Oh yes, it was so fun that Dr Jo even put his novel aside for the ride!
Here is the river of life and destruction as we leave PAP
This is just outside of Port-de-Paix
River water meets the sea

Smooth landing, we gots our cholera sandels on!

The pilot and copilot!

Cholera ward at La Pointe-
we stormed in and hung a million IV bags without understanding the system

Collete is a superstar asskicker of an RN!

TMatt thought maybe this was her new Princess Tourbus, but, no....

Got an ambulance limo upon arrival to Port de Paix

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