Sunday, November 7, 2010

up, down, all around- it's CHOLERA!

Forgive me for the crude blog enteries lately- there is no wifi here in Port de Paix and blogging with the crackeberry is almost worse than sending a postcard. Archaic.
We are heading out right away tomorrow and guess what!
We are opening a "Regional cholera response" center!
All our patients from the hospital and all around this area- (something like ST L de Northe??) Will be transferred and referred. We are SUPER EXCITED because it will not be fee based ad thus wil not break the locals.
I have to go to sleep. I have about 1000 incredible pix from House of Hope today- TMatt and I were there just loving up all the malnurished kids. I fell in love at least 100 times! Wonderful place!!!
Sweet dreams,

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