Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cholera and Port de Paix

The flight up to Port de Paix was SO FUN!!!
We were so high up- 9000 to 10000 feet over the clouds.... Then we were soooo low that the flight screen dealio kept alarming "too low" so we could be under the clouds... Wow. AMAZING!

After we landed, the pilot radioed in the tell the controller back in PAP that the runway was "pretty muddy but landable". Ha! Ha Ha Ha!!!
We rode to the hospital Beracka- (Valley of Blessing hospital)where the cholera ward was set up seperate from the rest of the hospital. We stormed in and hung bags of LR, restarted a few IVs that had run dry, and Dr Joe rounded as the whole ward was nurse-only.
We went to our pad for some stew, then headed over to House of Hope- a pediatric center that deals with malnutrition and TB kids/babies. Lo and behold, this wonderful place is run by Jenny and we knew all about it since our dear friend Amy McCreary had visited for several weeks a few years ago! Just like everything, this was meant to be.

We are still hearing horror stories though- we wonder how things are further out in the washed out villages. We heard tales of people dying along the rode as they try to get to help. Part of our team will head out to check on things tomorrow. I think we will end up back at the cholera ward werking 9 to 5.

It rained and rained and rained last night- it was impossible to sleep because all we could think about was the hundreds of thousands of people just were being flooded out of their tents and were so not safe.

Our 7 team members are all sitting outside on a little deck discussing everything and nothing at all. The sea is so rough we can hear it from here.
We found PRINGLES and GUINESS at the local market too.
TMatt and I have our own room! There are so many mosquitoes that we set up our tents ontop of our beds!

Until tomorrow-
Tricia and Julius Z- copilot

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  1. Thinking about you beautiful gals all the time. Thanks so much for the frequent updates!