Wednesday, November 10, 2010

photo lameness, cholera abundance

I know that many a friend, family, and concerned citizen is checking our blog! That is awesome.

What can I say?
Well, there is cholera. Cholera should be very easy to treat- however, it takes most people several hours (at least) to seek treatment- then it takes them anywhere from a few hours to many hours to get here- via foot, donkey, wheelbarrow, moto, etc. Then when they get here it takes awhile to be triaged. Sometimes this is just way too much for a human body to handle. Today, again, we had a patient arrive that was too far gone from their travel to help.
Getting sick of that!!!
TMatt has been pastor Jr- praying with every family of every deceased patient.
She is an amazing spirit and one of the strongest people I have ever met-
I am SOOOOOO lucky that we both ended up on this crazy journey together.
The people here still have so much faith- around 1030 the past 2 days the interpretors in the ORS "tent" get everyone singing and praying- after that many folks that havent wanted to sit up and be alive do just that.

Just got 700 new mosquito bites.
We are here until Sat at least. Going to be VERY difficult to leave. We are saying goodbye to the rest of our team tomorrow and know that others will arrive to help, right?

Sweet dream to all, I need to rest.

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