Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back in Port Au Prince

Quick update to let everyone know we are okay!  We are getting worn out but still laughing and working as hard as we can.  We are back in Port Au Prince after getting flown in by a huge UN helicopter.  We were a complete spectacle, but what else is new.  The whole town was there to watch the helicopter land in their only soccer field to drop of supplies and pick us up to bring us to PAP. It was amazing. I had by head out the window the whole time! I wish I had a parachute cause I would of jumped for fun.

I have to say I was ready to get out of the horror of what we experienced. I don't know if I could have seen it for one more day.  I have to say we worked with the most incredible medical teams.  I cannot even put in to words what we saw and treated. I think we were able to have a positive impact on the lives of the Haitian people of  St LOUIE DE LORD. 

Going to take a nap, don't know if I will wake up~!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!  We are almost home.     TMATT

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