Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More challenges

Hey everyone!
Thanks again for all your support!
Here is what is happening--- my memory card from our mission is "corrupt" and I am having a horrible time trying to get the pix and videos from it..... I think I have "rescued" the jpgs but the video is still MIA.
I am on shift 8 of 8 since our return 8 days ago and cannot wait to get the pix up---
tomorrow hopefully.
The cholera is continuing in Haiti and has spread.
We are having a hard time not knowing when we can get back to help.
Wonderful coworkers that we teamed up with on this last mission are arriving in PAP this am to help again- likely they will fly north this time as well.
I am so proud of their willingness to spend their holiday workingworkingworking.
The little community of St. Louis du Nord needs so much help, we fell in love with the strong, vulnerable, wonderful people there and cholera is just as prevelent as ever- we are so thankful to know that Collette is there helping for the next week.
PEACE-------- Julius

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